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Friday, March 6, 2015

Back Track me.

So,  hello again!I, Meg…had this fun hip new idea yesterday. What if as a part of our new machine that Hes (Rco) building me I made a website where you can go in and upload/scan and or directly text all of your legal documents, photographs, receipts, bills, pictures of receipts or bills etc. and you can keep track of everything. The amazing part is that you can back track your life. And it’ll be fun to go as far back as your own birth or further and document as many details from your life and history as possible. People will become legit. Maybe we can form a match making system through the depth of the websites growth because we’ll really know what people are like and  matches will be out there on the prowl and best of all you never have to worry about losing your life because backtrack me will have all the pieces and it’ll be so highly secured that you can be fighting court cases and need details documented and can trust that we’ll hold all of your details in order :)safely.
This will benefit major details and it will help you write off taxes at the end of the year. It will also help make sure that you are receiving all the benefits that you are eligible for….who knows you may have floating money waiting for you through write offs, benefits, programs and or sponsors that you don’t even know about.
The coolest feature will be the pay off rewards system…you can be rewarded just by simply recalling a mass amount of your life…we want to get to know people so show who you are in a way.  Then we plan to create a TV channel and backtrack me will be a featured show.
Of course with your permission we’ll be able to show off people’s beauty and organization and ideas and best of people’s success and reward stories…
We’re just two badass kickin’ it high school sweethearts/parents trying to save the world. We’re finding it hard to know who people are at face value anymore and it’s a cold world. We can send out advice and help scattered people get organized and organized people stay that way and have ease of access to the details of their life. Lemme know what you think… subject line backtrack me, if you don’t mind so our sorting through the emails is easier…thanks!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Pecan Street Festival - May 5th

So today I went over to my old job Garbo and tried to get in touch with my former boss there to get back in the salon as their nail tech/ front desk receptionist. I like working there it's a good bunch of people that I would work with there and it also helps boost my social life because everything that the salon has going on itself you participate in and then there is all the media of local venues that are having events going on that come through. This weekend is Pecan street festival and my friend Christopher Von is coming to town from Houston for the event and he is going to stay with me. I have an extra bed for him to sleep on and I figured why not just let him sleep close since we were going to be hanging out. We're going to spend the next week at Barton Springs, running around auditorium shores, job hunting/ handing out resumes all over town. I'm so life should start feeling more fit in here in Austin for the time being. I hope that Rocco comes and joins me here soon! I miss him so much and it's hard having to apart from him.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My New Rockin Haircut!

So the other day after a long and terrible day, I'm not exaggerating it was a pretty awful day I decided since I was already in the Palm Springs, CA area and close to my old job where I used to work called Raphael's Salon and Spa. That I would get a haircut just a trim because I had gotten a bad bleach job and lost a lot of hair on the top of my head. It was very traumatizing because I've always had trouble growing my hair out and well I went it and saw Cheryl Jordan, she's just an apprentice still but she's amazing and going to be huge someday! She told me we had to make my mess of a hair just look more messy like an organized mess so I being a licensed Cosmo myself knew what path she was headed down and I knew she wanted to cut my hair and well I was terrified to lose and length so I let Cheryl go to work and look at what and amazing job she did! Its an organized mess and as you can see I've even added in some feather extensions to really make my "mess" look like a mess ;)